PMP> Re: PWG> Ping Request

PMP> Re: PWG> Ping Request

PMP> Re: PWG> Ping Request

Harry Lewis harryl at
Fri Apr 25 10:21:14 EDT 1997

Epilogue: Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

For some reason, I havn't seen the meeting change notice referenced by Jay...

>> The PWG agenda is as follows:
>> 14th:    1394 Print
>> 15th:    IPP
>> 16th:    PWG/JMP

>I must request that this schedule be slightly adjusted to:
> 14th:    PWG/JMP
> 15th:    IPP
> 16th:    1394 Print

>That is, the day for the PWG/JMP meetings are swapped with the day
>for the new 1394 Print meeting.
>You see, the PWG had long ago established the dates for the May '97
>meetings, so I went ahead and purchased non-refundable airline tickets
>assuming the originally scheduled dates.
>Hopefully this won't cause any problems for anyone, given that your
>message was posted only yesterday.

Harry Lewis

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