PWG> The PWG mailing list as the primary vehicle for information dissemination

PWG> The PWG mailing list as the primary vehicle for information dissemination

PWG> The PWG mailing list as the primary vehicle for information dissemination

JK Martin jkm at
Fri Apr 25 10:54:42 EDT 1997


Thanks for the rationale as to why the upcoming San Diego meeting
schedule was structured in that manner you have documented.  You
have done an excellent job in positioning the meeting dates so
that related meetings are chronologically adjacent to each other.

I believe this approach is clearly the best way to go, and I fully
understand why making my proposed schedule changes would not be as
optimum as your plan.  I accept this.  No problem.

However, as Harry Lewis has pointed out, there was never any explicit
message posted to the official PWG mailing list detailing this schedule,
particularly since the schedule deviated from the original 1997 schedule
posted to the PWG mailing list several months ago.

Following similar comments recently posted by Keith Moore, the PWG
mailing list must always be the primary vehicle for disseminating
information about the PWG and its activities.  While it's really great
that we maintain a web site containing detailed information about such
activities, a simple "heads up" message to the mailing list is still
the best way to ensure all folks see this kind of information in a timely
manner (besides the fact that it's an IETF rule, right?).

We can't really expect everyone to constantly monitor the PWG web site
for these kinds of changes, wouldn't you agree?

Again, you've done an admirable job in deriving a schedule that benefits
the greatest number of people.  Let's use the mailing list, though, in
the future for all schedule notices.


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From: Don Wright <don at>
Date: 25 Apr 97 10:24:48 EDT
Subject: Re: PMP> Re: PWG> Ping Request

Jay's meeting change request is not possible.  The schedule will remain:

14th:    1394 Print
15th:    IPP
16th:    PWG/JMP

with IEEE 1284.4 on Monday and Tuesday (12th & 13th).


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Date: 04/25/97 10:21:14 AM
Subject: PMP> Re: PWG> Ping Request

Epilogue: Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

For some reason, I havn't seen the meeting change notice referenced by Jay...

>> The PWG agenda is as follows:
>> 14th:    1394 Print
>> 15th:    IPP
>> 16th:    PWG/JMP

>I must request that this schedule be slightly adjusted to:
> 14th:    PWG/JMP
> 15th:    IPP
> 16th:    1394 Print

>That is, the day for the PWG/JMP meetings are swapped with the day
>for the new 1394 Print meeting.
>You see, the PWG had long ago established the dates for the May '97
>meetings, so I went ahead and purchased non-refundable airline tickets
>assuming the originally scheduled dates.
>Hopefully this won't cause any problems for anyone, given that your
>message was posted only yesterday.

Harry Lewis


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