PWG> Re: IPP> Re: June Meeting in Boston

PWG> Re: IPP> Re: June Meeting in Boston

PWG> Re: IPP> Re: June Meeting in Boston

Danny Mitchell DMitchell at
Tue Apr 29 01:02:51 EDT 1997

PWG Group,

I am concerned about the apparent lack of preparation for the 1394 meetings.
Ad-hoc meetings that are not scheduled are very difficult to travel plan
for.  Hopefully this mail traffic is an attempt to nail down these days.  If
we need two days for 1394 ( and I think we do )
then please let's schedule it and not try to do it on the fly when we arrive
at the meeting site.  I missed out on a day meeting because of this approach.  

I am willing to do whatever it takes to support 1394 PWG meetings,  however
I cannot just have an open-ended visit just in case another meeting gets
planned once I get there.

Regards,  Danny Mitchell ( Taipei, Taiwan )

At 10:35 AM 4/28/97 -0400, JK Martin wrote:
>If the 1394 project needs two days, then it must be either at the end
>of the week, or at the beginning, but not in the middle.
>IPP continues to maintain the highest priority within the PWG, particularly
>given its short and intensive schedule.  If the IPP project needs 2 days in
>June (and I believe it does), then it should be scheduled during the week
>such that other meetings are scheduled around it; this is the approach
>taken for the upcoming meetings in San Diego.
>If Monday is bad for Larry Stein, then perhaps the 1394 project should
>meeting Thurs/Fri, and the JMP/other session(s) would then meeting on
>How does this sound?
>	...jay

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