PWG> IPP Protocol

PWG> IPP Protocol

PWG> IPP Protocol

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at
Tue Jun 3 18:51:12 EDT 1997

I am sending this for information to the PWG members, rather than to the
IPP list, for obvious reasons.

This is taken out of my internal monthly report:


The main challenge for the coming month is to catch up on the protocol work.
The decision to include the Microsoft/HP solution as a subset of IPP has
lead to some extra reworking of the Model and Protocol documentation, as
well as some additional issues, in particular relating to the IPP operations.

We will need to get into a serious discussion with the IETF management
concerning the recommendation from the San Diego meeting to use HTTP 1.1 as
"carrier" for the IPP. This decision still has to be brought up for final
agreement on the official IPP DL. I am waiting for the Protocol document to
get in better shape, before going into that particular battle. In worst
case, the IETF will not accept the Protocol mapping to go onto the IETF
Standards Track, but it could still become an Informational or Experimental
RFC.  Worst-worst case would be to move the project from the IETF to either
of: IEEE, ECMA or W3C.


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