PWG> Re: SENSE> Re: LA Meeting

PWG> Re: SENSE> Re: LA Meeting

PWG> Re: SENSE> Re: LA Meeting

Ron Bergman rbergma at
Mon Nov 24 15:02:36 EST 1997


Sorry to hear that you cannot attend the meeting.  I was looking forward
to a productive discussion on SENSE and a follow-on to the JMP calls last
week concerning jmJobSubmissionId.  I hope David Kellerman will be able to

You are correct, though, if IPP does not use the time, it can certainly be
put to good use for JMP and FIN.  We should be able to complete the open
issues on JMP and get a good start on the Finisher MIB.

May I suggest Thursday for FIN and Friday for JMP?

	Ron Bergman
	Dataproducts Corp.

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Jay Martin wrote:

> Carl-Uno,
> > Talking about an ungrateful job to try to host this meeting.
> > I do not see any chance to now take advantage of the extra day
> > for IPP, it is too late. I already have another commitment for Thursday.
> Don't worry.  I'm sure either Ron or Harry will be more than happy
> to take the time for JMP and/or FIN.  It's always been that way in
> the past.
> But you're right--hosting the PWG meetings is a thankless job.
> Welcome to the club!
> 	...jay
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