PWG> RESEND: PWG Standard Job Monitoring MIB, V1, posted

PWG> RESEND: PWG Standard Job Monitoring MIB, V1, posted

PWG> RESEND: PWG Standard Job Monitoring MIB, V1, posted

Tom Hastings hastings at
Mon Dec 22 02:23:47 EST 1997

I finshed the edits that Ron and Harry found proof reading a week ago's
version of the MIB and posted them on the PWG server.  This was to be the 
Internet-Draft that was to be forwarded to the IESG for their four week 
review in order to become an informational RFC as the first PWG standard!  

Unfortunately, there are a few minor problems with the .txt version 
(extracting plain text from MS-WORD is still tricky business, especially
when switching from WORD6 to WORD97), so I haven't 
actually forwarded the .txt form to the internet-drafts DL.

I'll confer with Ron Bergman on Monday, to see if he still wants me to
send the .txt file that I just posted as an Internet-Draft or wait until
January 5, when I'm back in the office.  See below for an explanation.

Here is the introduction that Ron and I crafted:

This specification defines an official Printer Working Group (PWG) [PWG]
standard SNMP MIB for the monitoring of jobs on network printers.  This
specification is being published as an IETF Information Document for the
convenience of the Internet community.  In consultation with the IETF
Application Area Directors, we concluded that it properly belongs as an 
Information document, because this MIB monitors a service node on 
the network, rather than a network node proper.

After the cover sheet, its labeled V1 (IETF won't allow "." in the subject
line).  The .txt version doesn't have the cover sheet.

I edited all of the agreements from Harry's minutes from the L.A. meeting,

There are still a few minor problems with the plain text version only.
(The .doc and .pdf versions are fine):

a. I was able to use my generic text driver at home where I also have WORD97
and which produced a proper .txt file with cross references.  But I forgot
to re-do the table of contents and index with the fixed pitch fonts, so
the page numbers are off by 0 to 10 pages.

b. Also the AttributeTypeTC definition is too big for the Sun version of the
SMICng compiler I was using; it bombs out saying object too big!
However, it does compile with the Epilogue and the MOSY compilers.

c. Finally, the text file meets the IETF standards:
 - no special characters, except FF and LF.
 - line length, almost: there are 275 lines with 73 characters, instead of 72
Just another bug that MS-WORD 97 and/or the generic text driver have 

The files are:

The .txt file is the one that was supposed to be sent as an Internet-Draft.

The "rev" files are with revisions since the V0.86 version which was
released after the 10/31 meeting.

The changes are:

1. use the new PWG OIDs without the standard arc:
   ... enterprises pwg(2699) jobmon(1)

2. make the document an official PWG standard that will be sent as an
Informational Internet-Draft that will become an IETF Informational RFC,
including changing the IANA Considerations section not to use IANA, but
to use PWG registration.

3. add natural language support like IPP, as distributed to the DL
before the L.A. meeting:
processingMessageNaturalLanguageTag(7) - language of processingMessage
jobNaturalLanguageTag(9)               - language of job strings

4. clarify that the processingMessage is intended to be for messages
generated during processing of the job, such as from the interpreter,
which is not the same as IPP "job-state-message" which is just a printable
form of "job-state" and "job-state-reasons", and that IPP doesn't have an
equivalent of processingMessage (because programs would want to parse
to take action on the message from the interpreter).  These were important
clarifications from the IPP WG discussions.

5. fixed the issues with monitoring collated/uncollated implementations,
adding the jobCollationType attribute as agreed at the L.A. meeting:

    STATUS      current
        "This value is the type of job collation.  Implementations that
        don't support multiple documents or don't support multiple copies
        SHALL NOT support the uncollatedDocuments(5) value."
        "This is a type 2 enumeration.  See Section See also
        Section 3.4, entitled 'Monitoring Job Progress'."
        uncollatedSheets(3),    -- sheets within each document copy
                                -- are not collated: 1 1 ..., 2 2 ...,
        collatedDocuments(4),   -- internal collated sheets,
                                -- documents: A, B, A, B, ...
        uncollatedDocuments(5)  -- internal collated sheets,
                                -- documents: A, A, ..., B, B, ...

6. fix impressions completed, so it counts the number of sides stacked
independent of how the intepreter produces multiple copies.

7. allows multiple Job Submission Id entries to point to the same
jmJobIndex entry

8. added 3 new Job Submission Ids for:  NetWare PServer ('B'), Server
Message Block protocol (SMB) ('C'), Transport Independent Printer/System
Interface (TIP/SI) ('D').

9. sort the terminology alphabetically as requested

10. clarify how JmJobStringTC can be used with client localized strings
or with keywords which are not localized (they are in US-ASCII, U.S.
like IPP.


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