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Fri Sep 25 15:11:35 EDT 1998

Dear Valued Customer,

Get a FREE Web Based Unlimited E-mail Address and FREE Basic Web Site Hosting for the entire 
Printing/Graphic Arts Industry today. 
Retrieve or send your e-mails from any computer anywhere in the world. 
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Please feel free to forward this email to your staff, associates, and 
associations. newest feature enables corporations and government 
offices from around the world to submit requests for printing 
quotations. Printers from around the World will be able to view all 
requests for printing quotations and respond to quotes through a secured 
web interface.

Need Help? Why not post a Bulletin on and let the 
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Megaworks International and, a division of the PCI Group, offer a full 
suite of Internet and communication solutions and services geared 
specifically to the needs of the Global Printing and Graphic Arts 

As the Internet grows, more and more printing companies are 
recognizing that failure to get on-line will put the future of their 
businesses at risk. We help turn a potential threat into competitive 
gain through new business opportunities, fresh revenue streams, new 
customers and a direct route to greater profitability.

Megaworks solutions include: Internet Access through a fiber optic 
High-Speed backbone, Digital File Transfer, Remote Proofing, 
Videoconferencing, Firewall Security, Document Management, Net Tracking, 
Network Servers, Internal Networking, Virtual Private Networks, Business 
Web Pages and Web Site Hosting.

Another Megaworks International Solution that is important for your 
members is Global Roaming. This solution will allow you and your Members 
access to the Internet and email services from any State or Province in 
North America and over 70 countries and 2,800 Points-of-Presence 
throughout the world
Give Megaworks International/ a call today or send us an 
email and we will put our Web Design and Intranet/Internet engineering 
team to work for your Company.

Your Sincerely,

Patrick McLeod - 
Megaworks International - 
Email: Patrick @

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