PWG> PWG OID Structure Proposals

PWG> PWG OID Structure Proposals

PWG> PWG OID Structure Proposals

Nixon, Bob b_nixon at
Wed Jan 14 12:47:00 EST 1998

I'm not educated enough to have an opinion on the PWG MIB structure, but   
here is a point to consider...

Feedback from our customers has often indicated that "MIB walk"   
(sequential access in OID order) needs to present a usable view of a   
system and / or its subsystems.  This would argue against a "flat" or   
 "functional" organization because a large body of unrelated information   
may lie (in the examples, does lie) sequentially between the MIB for a   
project ("subsystem"?) and its later-developed extensions.  The "project"   
organization seems better able to support this goal.

   - Bob Nixon. Emulex Network Systems
From:  Ron Bergman[SMTP:rbergma at]
Sent:  Wednesday, January 14, 1998 8:49 AM
To:  jmp; pwg
Subject:  PWG> PWG OID Structure Proposals

There was considerable email discussion last December regarding the
structure of the OIDs in the PWG enterprises subtree, without a final
resolution.  Here is a summary of the proposed PWG OID structures:

  1. A flat structure where each item, whether it is a MIB, operations,
     attributes, etc, is assigned a number under 2699.  For example:

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