PWG> Austin Agenda

PWG> Austin Agenda

PWG> Austin Agenda

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Mon Feb 9 17:09:40 EST 1998

That should be violent OBJECTIONS.  Violent objects will be later.


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I would like to proposed the UPD group meet on Tuesday evening.
Any violent objects?  Keith, can we have the room in the evening?

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Subject:  Austin Agenda

Don, what about Universal Print Driver on the agenda?
>Here is the agenda proposed by Don Wright:
>Monday (3/2), Tuesday (3/3):
>  -- 1394 Printing
>Wednesday (3/4) AM:
>  -- PWG overview session
>  -- Discussion on NC Printing
>Wednesday (3/4) PM:
>  -- IPP
>Thursday (3/5):
>  -- IPP
>Friday (3/6):
>  -- Finisher
>  -- Job MIB Traps
I have in my PWG minutes (moments from issuing) that Paul was to provide a
sample (or spec) in prep for a discussion in Austin. Am I wrong? We could
to fit this in with PWG overview / NC Print or even squeeze it into Tuesday
those willing to endure the overlap with P1394.
Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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