PWG> Charter: Traps for use with the Job Monitoring MIB

PWG> Charter: Traps for use with the Job Monitoring MIB

PWG> Charter: Traps for use with the Job Monitoring MIB

Ron Bergman rbergma at
Tue Feb 17 20:31:39 EST 1998

Here is a draft charter to stimulate some discussion regarding Job MIB
traps.  This will be reviewed at the meeting in Austin, so get your
comments in early.

I am sending this to the PWG and JMP mail list in case this is of
interest to somwone who is not on the JMP mail list. Anyone who desires 
to follow this subject in the future should join the JMP mail list.

Job Monitoring MIB Traps

Statement of Charter:

This project shall develop an extension to the PWG Job Monitoring MIB that defines a set of 
SNMP traps related to monitoring of the status and progress of print jobs.  Examples of some 
of the conditions that will be investigated for traps are:

  + Start of Job
  + End of Job
  + Job progress information  (e.g. page counts)
  + Errors interrupting the Job
  + Job hold notification
  + Job release notification

Traps were purposely not included in the current Job Monitoring MIB in an effort to limit the 
scope of the MIB development.  In retrospect, this was an excellent decision since the Job 
Monitoring MIB proved to be a task more difficult than was initially imagined.  With the Job 
Monitoring MIB development completed, is now an appropriate time to open this effort.  

It is also now evident that most implementations of a Job Monitoring MIB, either the PWG or 
Private version, have incorporated traps.  It is the desire of the PWG to standardize the 
implementations of traps to provide for better interoperability of management applications 
and printers.


One of the major obstacles expected in this project is the definition of a method for the 
registration of traps.  There have been several registration methods recently proposed, most 
notably in the SNMP v3 documents.  This project will examine all published methods and a 
unique method will be proposed only if an externally generated proposal is deficient. 

Methods relating to the generation and processing traps will also be included as discussion 
items.  Specific goals in this area are dependent upon the results of the findings.


 March meeting;
   - Establish Chairman, Editor, Secretary, etc.
   - Review charter and goals
   - Define trap types for consideration
   - Assignments for registration methods review
   - Scope effort relative to 'generation and processing traps'
   - Review and revise proposed schedule 

 April meeting;
   - Finalize charter and goals
   - First cut at traps descriptions
   - Presentation of registration methods review
   - Text for 'generation and processing traps'

 May meeting;
   - Finalize traps descriptions
   - Select registration method(s) 
   - Start registration method specification
   - Start draft of final document.

 July meeting;
   - Review registration method draft specification
   - Incorporate registration method in base document
   - First review of final document 

 November meeting;
   - Final document ready to submit to the IESG

	Ron Bergman
	Dataproducts Corp.

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