PWG> FYI: MIB Patent Issue

PWG> FYI: MIB Patent Issue

PWG> FYI: MIB Patent Issue

Stuart Rowley Stuart.Rowley at
Fri May 8 17:48:36 EDT 1998

PWG Members,

It has come to my attention that on Feb 3, 1997, Canon filed Japanese 
patent number 10-74132 (translated title is "Image Creation Method and its 
Device").  On Mar 17, 1998 the Japanese patent office opened this proposed 
patent for public comment. This is a very broad patent which includes the 
use of SNMP and an extended MIB to configure or acquire status information 
from an imaging device such as a printer.  The patent text does not clarify 
the meaning of "extended MIB" and uses such basic examples as setting a 
device's copy count.

It is Kyocera's concern that if this patent is not challenged, any use of a 
MIB for device configuration or status feedback could be covered by Canon's 
patent. Our understanding is that if there is no similar patent covering 
the issue in the U.S. then the Japanese patent would also apply in the U.S. 

It is our hope that other companies review Canon's proposed patent, and if 
they share Kyocera's concerns regarding the implications of this patent, to 
voice their concerns to the Japanese patent authorities.



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