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PWG> Process Document

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Mon Jul 20 15:35:43 EDT 1998

Paul Moore said:

>I would not state anything about copyright - the normal rules of copyright
>apply. I certainly do not agree that I "grant ulimited , license free,

I think we need to say something about copyright.  Perhaps something to the
effect that written submissions must include granting the PWG the right to
copy and distribute, in whole or in part, the submission so that the PWG
can put a copy on its web server and cut and paste content into drafts of
the standard.

>I would not state anything about patents either. Saying 'we will not
>a spec unless ....' does not need to be stated here (and in fact there may
>be exceptions). The group is a bunch of intelligent grown-ups representing
>many companies. I for one dont need to be told to think hard before
>to a standard that requires me to pay some company a royalty for each
>license. Having said that, I might agree to it.

I think we need to state this explicitly.  Imagine the case where a group
of companies that are already heavily cross licensed push a standard
through without agreeing to reasonable, non-discriminatory licensing.  All
the other players could then be forced to license the technology to compete
in the market.  I might agree to changing the context of all this as
recommendation and guidelines but I think it needs to be there.  This is
very similar to the wording used in the IEEE Standards by-laws and I
believe other organizations as well.

>Nor do I need to be told
>that I should choose a free standard over a royalty based one. This is
>one of the factors to be taken into account in the process.

We could simply make this a guideline.

>All I would say is the final section about Non-NDA.

That's all that is there.  Is there a problem with the wording?

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