PWG> Alaska

PWG> Alaska

PWG> Alaska

Chuck Adams adamsc at pogo.WV.TEK.COM
Tue Oct 27 11:13:54 EST 1998


> At the last plenary session of the PWG in Savannah, the issue of our Alaska
> meeting for next summer arose again.  Laurie Laslo of HP San Diego has done some
> research that seems to indicate that the costs associated with an Alaska meeting
> are well within what we normally expect to pay for our PWG events.
> In order to move forward on this, please forward your constructive comments
> including proposals, alternatives, etc. to the pwg at mailing list.  A
> final decision will be made at the Tucson meeting so please get your comments in

	I understand that the differences between Alaska and somewhere else
	may not be huge in terms of cost. But Alaska as opposed to Hoboken
	is huge in terms of perception. As an alternative, I suggest 
	Vancouver, BC, Canada.

	Vancouver offers flights to 22 cities in North America, 
	13 cities in Asia and 5 cities in Europe, 
	It also has a large number of hotels from which to choose.

Hope this helps,

Chuck Adams
Tektronix, Inc.

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