PWG> PWG Process Discussion

PWG> PWG Process Discussion

PWG> PWG Process Discussion

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at
Fri Nov 6 16:26:10 EST 1998


Please do not start discussions about the PWG process on the IPP DL. They
more correctly belong on this DL.

My reaction to the discussion is that I find it totally legitimate to
discuss the subject of NLO, as it has
been seen as an obstacle for proper interworking between implementations. I
urge everybody to take the time today or Monday to actually run the new
scripts, as our experience from the bake-off was that people who claims to
have implemented the June drafts did not necessarily got it right and will
need to fix up their code anyway.

The intention with the bake-off, as some have pointed out, was to verify
that the specs were accurate and precise enough to create interworking
implementations. Remember that we are making a few other adjustments to the
specs as well
so the general expectation out of Savannah is that we will have a more
accurate and final spec for IPP V1.0 this month.

I am not yet sure what will come out of my negotiations with the ADs yet,
but I think that the time has now come when the PWG should actually publish
the IPP V1.0 November texts as a formal PWG standard. 

Let us discuss this subject further next week.


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