PWG> Spooler Command Standards

PWG> Spooler Command Standards

PWG> Spooler Command Standards

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My recommendation for what it is worth:

There is NOT a standard.  Trying to use internal data structures will cause you
terrible headaches from one release of Windows (or any other OS for that matter)
to another.  Bite the bullet and use the APIs.

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Dear Sirs:
     I'm trying to find information concerning 'controlling the
spooler'.  I'm hoping you might be able to provide me some direction.
Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

     We are a software manufacturer.  We don't want to use the
Windows API calls to control printed output.  I'm trying to find out how
to send Startdoc, Copies, and Enddoc commands to the spooler, or at
least the End-Of-Job marker, without calling Microsoft Windows API's.

I assume the spooler uses some kind of command structure imbedded into
the data stream, similar to printer escape sequences.  I have not been
able to find any documentation on this process.  I also assume these
spooler commands conform to some standard, so Novell, Microsoft, and
maybe most Unix spoolers would use the same (or partially the same)
command set.

As you can probably tell, I want to be able to send print jobs to
different operating systems spoolers, from different operating system
clients, with at least some basic controls.   Can you help?

     Thank you in advance for your assistance.
     Fred Young

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