PWG> FW: for generic MIB related discussions

PWG> FW: for generic MIB related discussions

PWG> FW: for generic MIB related discussions

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Subject: mibs at for generic MIB related discussions

Chairs, we have setup a new mailing list in the Operations and
Management area. This list is to discuss generic/general MIB issues.
It can also be used to ask generic/general MIB questions and
uestion about SMI usage.

We would like that you as WG chairs make sure that all editors/authors
who work on MIB or MIB-related documents subscribe to the mibs mailing
list. To do so, one must send an email to mibs-request at with
the word subscribe in the body of the email.

The archives for this mailing list:*

The O&M and Internet ADs have formed a small team to investigate
how IP addresses can be defined/used in MIBs such that the MIB
can be used in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments. Many MIBs currently
use IpAddress SYNTAX which is IPv4 specific andmay  cause trouble in
IPv6 environments. The team will collect input via the mibs mailing
list. It will then investigate and develop recommendations for
a common solution. The results of the team will be documented in an
I-D and they will be discussed on the mibs mailing list.
So this is the first activity you will see on that mailing list.

There will also be generic announcements on the mibs mailinglist.
For example we will announce there when we have new MIB boilerplate
text or new guidelines for the MIB security section etc.

Bert and Randy.

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