PWG> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Meeting Announcement

PWG> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Meeting Announcement

PWG> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Meeting Announcement

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Yes this property is not in the Times Square area.  Considering the concerns
expressed at the last meeting over costs, I decided that since moving a bit away
from that area would save $50 plus per night in sleeping room expenses and $15
or so per day in meeting room expenses, a short cab ride or subway hop would be
easily justified.

Please vote me out of office if I made the wrong decision.

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The hotel offered me $203, $1 less than Lee and $11 less than the group

According the hotel web site, the hotel is at 31st and 7th Ave about 3 short
blocks south and 2 long blocks west of the empire state building. This is a
fair distance from the Times Square area where I expected the meeting to be.
Perhaps hotels near times square were too expensive.

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FYI, I just called the hotel.

They offered me a studio suite for $204/night -- without any "special"

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The arrangements have been made for the May 15-19, 2000 PWG Meeting in New

When:   May 15 - 19, 2000

Where:  Southgate Tower,
             A Manhattan East Suite Hotel
             371 Seventh Avenue
             New York, NY 10001-3984
             tel:  (212) 320-8050
             fax: (212) 714-2159

Hotel Cost: $214/night for a studio suite - single or double occupancy.
              One-bedroom suites are also available at $229.00/night.

Reservations: Please call the Manhattan East Suites' Reservation
               Center at 1-800-637-8483 to reserve your sleeping room.

               All attendees are responsible for making their own hotel
               reservations. When making your reservation, the meeting
               will be listed under "PWG".  A limited number of rooms
               is being held for the nights of the 14th and 20th if you
               wish to extend your stay at the PWG rate.

Deadline:  Please make your reservations by Friday, April 28, 2000
               to guarantee space will be available, and to ensure you
               receive the negotiated rate. **Make your reservations

Meeting details:
         Tentative Schedule:
              Mon, 5/15: 1394 Printing
              Tues, 5/16: uPnP (PWG is acting as Host)
              Wed AM, 5/17: Plenary
              Wed PM, 5/17: IPP
              Thur, 5/18: IPP
              Fri, 5/19: UPDF

              Meeting details are also posted on the PWG Chair's page

              You must register for the meetings you plan to attend via
              the PWG Meeting Registration Form, located at

              The cost for daily meeting attendance is $80.00 per day.
              Participants are responsible for their own lunch.

Please contact Cindy Tiritilli, IEEE-ISTO PWG Program Administrator  at
+1-732-981-3434 or c.tiritilli at if you have any questions.

Cindy Tiritilli, Program Administrator
IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization

voice: +1-732-981-3434    fax:   +1-732-562-1571
email: c.tiritilli at

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