PWG> ADM - IPP Priorities

PWG> ADM - IPP Priorities

PWG> ADM - IPP Priorities

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at
Thu Jun 1 18:14:03 EDT 2000


During the last part of our IPP meeting in New York, the problem was raised
that we have a number of subjects and documents that have not been
progressed lately, because we have had too many things going on in parallel,
and a high priority item for one company may be low priority for another.

We are trying to now wrap up the discussions and documentation on IPP
Notifications, but there are several competing subjects after that. It does
not look too promising to get more face-to-face time on IPP during the PWG
meetings, so a subsequent phone conference discussed what we can do to make
some of the lower priority subjects move forward without having to involve
the whole group. However, it was decided to first try to get a better
picture of the priorities, so we can establish where we stand.

Here is a list of "competing" IPP subjects, which I would like to get your
priorities for:

- Print Driver Download (needs to get done quickly or may never happen)
Latest draft from Hugo Parra - May 25, 2000
- Resource Object (a possible extension/generalization of Printer Download)
DL discussion, no document yet
- Set 2 Operations (subject from last year) Latest draft in New York IPP
Package - February 3, 2000
- Set 3 Operations (subject from last year) Latest draft in New York IPP
Package - December 8, 1999
- Document & Page Exceptions (subject from last year) Latest draft in New
York IPP Package - May 8, 2000
- Production Printing Attributes - Latest draft in New York IPP Package -
May 9, 2000
- Open Source IPP Client - Discussion in New York (see message sent out
earlier today)

I would like each of you to use a total of 21 points and allocate them on
the 7 subjects above. Higher points mean higher priority. For the subjects
for which you have put more than your average >3, I would also like you to
state whether you are prepared to take on to be a subgroup leader
(organizing phone conferences or separate meetings) and/or if you want to
take on being an editor for the draft document(s).

Let us do this initially on a per expert basis; I expect that we can then
accumulate the votes and get averages per company if we still need that.

Please note that this voting is not part of the IETF process, but anybody
involved in the PWG activities are welcome to give their input, either they
are PWG members or not.

Further discussion of this subject will be held on the pwg-ipp DL, so if you
are not yet a member of that DL, please subscribe now and send your input to
that DL.

I would like you to provide your input no later than June 13, so we can
discuss the results in the IPP phone conference on June 14.



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