PWG> LCD Projector

PWG> LCD Projector

PWG> LCD Projector

don at don at
Thu Jun 22 16:09:15 EDT 2000

At the request of the group at the NYC meeting, I have talked to the ISTO staff
and have an understanding of how to use them to make a purchase like this.  It
would only see fair to buy one of these from a PWG member company if a suitable
product exists.  Therefore, I would ask that any PWG member company that has a
product that meets these requirements, please e-mail me the information on your
product for consideration.  We will then get  quotes on the products that meet
our needs and purchase it.

Basically, I think we need:

At least 1024 X 768
Light weight
1000 Lumens
A resonable carrying case

oh, and did I mention LIGHTWEIGHT!


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