PWG> RE: [mfpa-list] Re: Scanner MIB Status, RE: July Meeting Minutes

PWG> RE: [mfpa-list] Re: Scanner MIB Status, RE: July Meeting Minutes

PWG> RE: [mfpa-list] Re: Scanner MIB Status, RE: July Meeting Minutes

Wagner,William bwagner at
Fri Aug 4 00:25:56 EDT 2000

Sorry about sending this to the whole PWG. However, it may save someone
feeling that they must object.

Unfortunatly, I have been traveling since the meeting and have not had a
chance to comment on some of the changes.

The agreement (as I recall) was that ScnChannelTypeTC would be replaced by
PrtChannelTypeTC, imported from the printer MIB. This is a TYPE 2 and we
would ask the PWG for new entries as necessary. 

ScnChannelStateTC is not equuivalent to its parallel in the printer MIB, and
the printer MIB has it as a type 1. ScnChannelModeTC has no parallel in the
printer MIB, which did not distinguish between control and data channels.
These last two will go into the MFD MIB since they may be paralleled by
other MFD functions.

Bill W. 

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To: Ron Bergman
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Subject: [mfpa-list] Re: Scanner MIB Status, RE: July Meeting Minutes

Hi Ron:
See Below. [Since we had some reference to the PWG and Tom Hastings, I 
copied the PWG list and Tom. If there is further discussion, please include 
the mfpa-list at in the distribution list.]

At 08:01 AM 8/3/00 -0700, Ron Bergman wrote:
>Changes to the Scanner MIB version 10.0:
>1. Numerous editorial changes.
>2. Changed "Multifunction Peripheral ..." to "Multifunction
>    Product ..." per your memo (12 July 2000)
>3. Changed "ScnColorSpaceTypeTC" to "MfpColorSpaceTypeTC".
>    Removed the TC and added an import from MFP-MIB.
>4. Changed "ScnChannelOutputFormatTC" to "MfpImageFormatTC".
>    Removed the TC and added an import from MFP-MIB.
>5. The remaining three TC changes (ScnChannelModeTC,
>    ScnChannelStateTC, and ScnChannelTypeTC) from your memo
>    were not listed in the meeting minutes.  Does this mean
>    that it was agreed to keep them in the Scanner MIB?

No. I think these are best imported from MFP-MIB.

>6. I was somewhat surprised to see the following statement
>    in the minutes.  This must have been a very interesting
>    discussion;-)  Could you provide more details?
>"Get with Tom Hastings on this to rectify between Image
>formats and Printer types. New version of printer MIB was
>published last friday.... Last Call Version.
>Worry about ipp compatibility more than printer MIB
>compatibility on Image format issue. It is not clear that it
>is necessary for the printer lang enums be the same. This
>means that we may not need the LangFamily, LangLevel,
>LangVersion in the Mfp subsystem MIBs."

OK. You may remember that prior to the release of the printer MIB, I 
requested that the Lang... attributes be harmonized with MIME types. This 
got nowhere as the document was close to "completion" and it was desired to 
not fiddle with this then. I presented two internet drafts that proposed to 
harmonize this with existing MIME media-types in 1996 and 1997. These were 
formally submitted to the printer working group. They may still be in the 
IETF internet-drafts archive, I'm not sure, but here are the copies from 
our own archive.



This issue has been raised in a professional and concise manner for several 
years. I hope the Printer Working Group can address this issue this time 
around, as it has been clearly shown that it is an important 
standardization area. We are now seeing a need to harmonize not only 
"print" formats, but also scan and imaging formats in general. This is the 
meaning of those statements.

Now, it seems the PWG is finally seeing the light on this. During our 
meeting, we were told that Tom Hastings has been looking at this issue 
again, this time from the standpoint of ipp functionality. In our meeting, 
we agreed that it would be important not so much from the interaction with 
MIBs, but with the ipp work. I hope we can address this tabled item in the 
currently proposed printer MIB or at least in the ipp work.

I haven't done anything else on this yet.

-Raymond Lutz

>  Ron Bergman
>  Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions

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