PWG> Agenda for Thursday Plenary - Portland [there's a later PWG Semantic Model]

PWG> Agenda for Thursday Plenary - Portland [there's a later PWG Semantic Model]

PWG> Agenda for Thursday Plenary - Portland [there's a later PWG Semantic Model]

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Peter posted a later PWG Semantic Model on 6/17, building on Alan Berkima's
version (which built on Peter's previous version).  So the agenda should
(Peter made a typo in the file name: "Mode" instead of "Model", but that is
how it is stored.)
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Subject: PS> PWG semantic model document version for PWG meeting
I have uploaded the version of the PWG Semantic Model document to be used at
the PWG meeting next week. I have taken Allen's version and put back the
semantics for Actions but limited it to a high level description. Detailed
discussion of parameters remain in a section dedicated to an IPP mapping of
the print semantics. I have also done some other minor edits. 
We will use the PDF version, which has line numbers, in our conversations.
The PDF version is available at
MS Word version is available at
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Subject: PS> Another view of the PWG semantic model
Here is another cut at the PWG Semantic Model
It started with Peter's and attempts to provides a more
generic model with the IPP specifics in the Appendix.
It also groups the collections of attributes differently.



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Subject: PWG> Agenda for Thursday Plenary - Portland


1. Standard Plenary reports 
   1.1 IPP Update - Harry Lewis 
   1.2 Printer MIB Update - Harry Lewis 
   1.3 XHTML-Print Status - Don Wright 
   1.4 PSI Status - Alan Berkema 
   1.5 UPDF Status - Norbert Schade 
   1.6 IPP-FAX Status - Gail Songer 
   1.7 Misc and Related - As needed 

2. Linux and Free Software Group Update 
   2.1 CUPS, PAPI  <> 
      2.1.1 IPP Job Ticket and Capabilities Object Extension 
   2.2 Job Ticket API  <> 
      2.2.1 PWG Job Ticket 
      2.2.2 JDF Job Ticket 
      2.2.3 Job Ticket Type supported attribute 

3. PWG Semantic Model (Overview and Charter) 
   3.1 Role Of PWG 
   3.2 Other groups, other models 
   3.3 Role of Job Ticket, Capabilities Object 


4. Adobe Presentation 
   4.1 TIFF-FX vs. PDF as a common PDL 
   4.2 Applicability to IETF IFAX, IPP-FAX, other 
   4.3 Licensing 

5. PWG Semantic Model (Review) 
   5.1 Correlation 
      5.1.1 IPP, IPP-FAX, UPDF, PSI, XHTML-Print 

Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

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