PWG> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Agreements on not numbering IEEE-ISTO drafts until approved (and file names to use in the meantime)

PWG> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Agreements on not numbering IEEE-ISTO drafts until approved (and file names to use in the meantime)

PWG> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Agreements on not numbering IEEE-ISTO drafts until approved (and file names to use in the meantime)

Harry Lewis harryl at
Thu Oct 31 18:53:16 EST 2002

I feel Tom's write-up, while similar, is an improvement  to my 
recommendation so I vote we go with Tom's approach for naming ISTO drafts 
prior to approval. 
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

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        Subject:        PWG-ANNOUNCE> Agreements on not numbering 
IEEE-ISTO drafts until approved (and    file names to use in the meantime)


NOTE:  Please send any comments on this note to the pwg at, instead 
of a Reply-ALL.  We don't want to use PWG-ANNOUNCE for discussion threads, 
just announcements.
Harry has pointed out that we shouldn't number PWG standards with 
IEEE-ISTO numbers, either in the file name or on the first page and page 
headers until they are approved (past PWG Last Call).  Then we avoid 
leaving holes in the numbering space and mis-leading readers into thinking 
that a draft is an approved standard.  Also the file names can be more 
meaningful while they are drafts.
At the PWG Semantic Model call today with a lot of attendees, we agreed to 
remove the numbers from the next drafts and use the new file naming scheme 
and the old copy should be deleted from the PWG site.  If a document isn't 
being updated in the next couple of weeks, then the existing document 
should be renamed on the PWG site.
On the first page and page headers, instead of the IEEE-ISTO number, put 
5100.x for IPP documents and 510n.y for documents for new categories, such 
as IPPFAX, that haven't any documents approved.
For a file naming scheme for drafts before they are approved, the file 
names for PWG documents intending to become IEEE-ISTO documents, we agreed 
to the following simple file naming scheme:
pwg-group-aaa-bbb-Vnn-yymmdd.doc, .pdf
pwg-group-aaa-bbb-Vnn-yymmdd-rev.doc, .pdf, red-lined versions
pwg indicates a pwg document
group indicates the group and probably is the short DL name, i.e, ipp, sm, 
ifx, psi, etc.
aaa-bbb are meaningful words or abbreviations (see below, but keep it 
fairly short so the file URL don't line wrap in email)
Vnn is the version number starting at V01 and incrementing by one (authors 
can increment the date for the same version while yymmdd is the year month 
and day, so that they sort in ascending order by date.
No underlines, since they look like spaces in underlined URLs
No spaces, since they don't work in some systems.
In order to make the web site for each project point to a stable URL, each 
document should be copies twice to the PWG site with the stable file name 
pwg-group-aaa-bbb-latest.doc, .pdf
where the rest of the file name before the latest is invariant with 
successive versions and is the same pwg-group-aaa-bbb as the file name 
that has the version number and the date.
(We need to update the IPP web page to use the durable URL and start 
posting file twice so the the IPP web page is as good as the other PWG 
groups in always pointing to the latest draft of each document).
Here are some suggested names for the existing IEEE-ISTO versions of PWG 
IPP documents showing their existing URL and the suggested URL on the 
following line:
1.       IEEE-ISTO 5100.5-2002 [doc-obj], “Internet Printing Protocol 
(IPP): Document Object, Hastings, T. and P. Zehler, September 7, 2002, 
work in progress,
2.       IEEE-ISTO 5100.6-2002 [not-srv],  “Distributed Notification 
Service”, Hastings, T., Lewis, H., and I. McDonald, October 3, 2002, work 
in progress,
3.       IEEE-ISTO 5100.7-2002 [prod-print2],  “Production Printing 
Attributes – Set 2”, Hastings, T., and D. Fullman, September 27, 2002, 
work in progress,
4.       IEEE-ISTO 5100.8-2002 [color],  “Color and Imaging Attributes”, 
Hastings, T., and D. Fullman, October 8, 2002, work in progress,
5.       IEEE-ISTO 5100.9-2002 [actual] Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), 
“-actual” attributes extension, Carney, D., and H. Lewis, work in 
progress, October 18, 2002.
And the following two have not yet been published at all and will be 
published without numbers using the agreed scheme:
6.       IEEE-ISTO 5100.10-2002 [mime-parm]  Internet Printing Protocol 
(IPP), “PWG MIME Standard parameters for Document Formats”, McDonald, I, 
and T. Hastings, work in progress 
7.       IEEE-ISTO 5100.11-2002 [pnsp], “Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): 
Distributed Notification Service - Printer to Notification Server Protocol 
(PNSP)”, I. McDonald, <draft-mcdonald-ipp-dist-not-pnsp-00.txt>, work in 
progress, September 25, 2002. 
The IPPFAX documents should use the above scheme for the IPPFAX Protocol 
and PDFax documents (and UIF put into historical), instead of using 5102.1 
for IPP FAX protocol, 5102.2 for UIF and 5102.3 for PDFax.  So their 
numbers would be:
510n.x and file name, say, pwg-ifx-protocol-V12-yymmdd.doc and 
 On a related note to PWG process, Rick Seeler points out that according 
to our PWG process, all of the above documents should be labeled as 
versions of PWG Proposed Standards, not PWG Draft Standards.
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Guys... I'm not sure we should be grabbing numbers (ex.5100.10) for 
DRAFTS! The process should recognize that a draft may not be approved. The 
number should probably be assigned AFTER approval. 
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

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