PWG> Re: FW: [printing-meetingnotes] Joint FSG/PWG face-to-face 31 March t o 4 April 2003

PWG> Re: FW: [printing-meetingnotes] Joint FSG/PWG face-to-face 31 March t o 4 April 2003

PWG> Re: FW: [printing-meetingnotes] Joint FSG/PWG face-to-face 31 March t o 4 April 2003

Harry Lewis harryl at
Thu Jan 30 16:59:02 EST 2003

Shawn... I'm stuck! I really want to collocate a meeting... BUT... how 
does it do us any good if the meetings run in parallel? Then someone has 
to miss something and the likely resolution is that "FSGers" will go to 
FSG and "PWGers" will go to PWG and we might as well not have combined. I 
know I would have a very hard time choosing! Ideally, we'd collocate but 
not run parallel. This would mean spanning a weekend... but this may not 
"sit" well with people (travel, time, extra expenses over the weekend). 
Another alternative is to book the weekend, or the Sunday before and 
Saturday after. Again... folks grumbling... but we've got to get the work 
done somehow!

As far as logistics... we will put up a URL for people to register their 
intent to join the meeting. We spread the cost of meeting facilities 
across the group so everyone ends up being charged $45-$65/day (depending 
on location etc.). 

We already have a hotel booked and would have to expand the room block, 
meeting space, catering etc. I'm willing to do this... but we need to 
decide on the above, quickly!!

Yes, everyone is responsible for their own reservations. We do negotiate a 
rate (and a room block) at the hotel where the meeting is held... but some 
people will get better rates at nearby hotels according to their corporate 

Can you estimate how many people you would have coming to the f2f?
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

"PRATT,SHAWN (HP-Boise,ex1)" <shawn_pratt at>
01/30/2003 11:03 AM
        To:     Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS
        Subject:        FW: [printing-meetingnotes] Joint FSG/PWG 
face-to-face 31 March t o 4 April 2003

Harry:  We have discussed this to some extent back in December.  With the
PWG meetings last week over, I would like to see what I need to do to get
connected to the PWG meetings in Washington DC. 

At today's Open Printing meeting, this is the proposed schedule we
established.  Is it possible to fit into those timeframes?

Do you have a process that I can explain to folks on what they need to do 
register (hotel, meetings, etc.).  I am assuming I handle the meeting
registration for the open printing discussions.  I am also assuming each
person needs to book their own hotel registration.  How do you cover the
cost of the conference rooms?  Is this added to the person's hotel bill?


Shawn Pratt
FSG OpenPrinting Chair

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Subject: [printing-meetingnotes] Joint FSG/PWG face-to-face 31 March to 4
April 2003

Hi folks,

[Harry Lewis (IBM/PWG Chair) - please touch base with
Shawn Pratt (HP/FSG Open Printing) - thanks]

At today's FSG Open Printing Architecture telecon we 
briefly discussed having at least two days of FSG Open
Printing face-to-face meetings in Washington, DC
this spring - the same week as the Printer Working

The tentative PWG schedule (from their Web site
just now) is as follows (note that there is not
a PWG UPDF session):

Mon 31 March - Character Repertoires (CR) 
             - Web-based Device Management

Tue  1 April - PWG Plenary
             - IPPFAX WG

Wed  2 April - UPnP (requires UPnP membership)

Thu  3 April - PWG Semantic Model (SM)
               (XML schemas of printing operations
               and attributes - used by PSI)

Fri  4 April - Print Services Interface (PSI)
               (WSDL/SOAP/HTTP print services
               using the PWG SM schemas)

A possible FSG Open Printing meeting schedule:

Mon 31 March - FSG OP Plenary
               FSG OP PAPI

Tue  1 April - FSG OP JTAPI
               FSG OP Printer Driver/Renderer

Wed  2 April - FSG other (TBD)


- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc

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