PWG> Interface / Document Versionong

PWG> Interface / Document Versionong

PWG> Interface / Document Versionong

HALL,DAVID (HP-Vancouver,ex1) dhall at
Mon Feb 3 11:22:24 EST 2003

Hey All...

In going through and finishing up 0.99 of the PSI spec, and idea occurred to

What if we get the JobControlInterface Right at say 1.0.2, and discover that
the ServiceCapabilitiesInterface has a little problem, and we want to make a
change to the ServiceCapabilitiesInterface...  So we do, and roll the
ServiceCapabilitiesInterface to version 1.0.3...

Do I also need to roll the JobControlInterface WSDL??  If we don't then we
end up with one of the WSDL's in on directory, and the other WSDL in another
directory...  (Since right now, version is in the path is in the

Perhaps we only put the major and minor in the namespace, and then we place
the revision in the "version" attribute in the WSDL..

I think what I am asking for is that the "version" of the specification
consist of <major>.<minor>.<date>, and the "revision" of the interfaces
within consit of <major>.<minor>.<revision>.

Also, say we want to add one element to the DocumentProcesssing object in
the Semantic Model..  What needs to change?  All of the version number in
all of the xsd's, or what? 

What is the implication on our client and server code in that case?

Are there any examples of what people do today to solve this namespace /
version number conundrum?  (Anyone got a dictonary handy?)


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