PWG> Document numbering - Candidates vs Standards

PWG> Document numbering - Candidates vs Standards

PWG> Document numbering - Candidates vs Standards

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... and should we decide to number standards from the beginning of their
life like the IEEE does, then we could prefix it with "P" for "project" or

P5300.1       Skywriting Print Standard (Project)
CS5300.1      Skywriting Print Standard (Candidate Standard)
STD5300.1     Skywriting Print Standard (Standard)

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An other alternative is to keep the same number, but have some letter
prefixes, such as CS to mean candidate standard.

Thus the official PWG number for a Candidate Standard versus Standard for
Skywritting would be:

Ex CS-5300.1 = Skywriting Print Standard (Candidate Standard)
   STD-5350.1 = Skywriting Print Standard (STANDARD)

For example, I seem to recall that ANSI standards say BSR nnnn for a draft
standard (which stands for Board of Standard Review, as I recall) while the
standard is being voted on.


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Don, we're struggling in the PWG process discussion about ISTO numbers and
when and how they should be assigned in the process. First, we said no ISTO
number until STANDARD. Some feel Candidate Standards should have numbers
we're considering a hack on the numbering to indicate CS from STANDARD.

Ex 5300.1 = Skywriting Print Standard (Candidate Standard)
   5350.1 = Skywriting Print Standard (STANDARD)

You (and others) must have experience with IEEE standards progression
(1284.x). Can you shed some light on the IEEE/ISTO numbering, what level of
maturity they expect when a number is assigned, how we might go about
assigning numbers to CS as well as S?
Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems

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