PWG> Process

PWG> Process

PWG> Process

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My comments below, marked with <dmc></dmc>.


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Since I'm about to post documents for CR, I went through the file naming
7section in detail.

1.  For a Working Draft (e.g.), the name is of the form:

But if a Working Group publishes multiple projects, shouldn't "wg10" be
replaced by something project specific?  And does the local file name have
to include the group name somewhere (for global uniqueness) or will that be
handled by the PWG standard number assigned later?

So, if the CR group publishes a working draft called "The
RepertoireSupported Element" what should I call it:
You're right that we haven't dealt with "subprojects".
I'd vote for the third option just above, or a slightly-different fourth

2.  Can we use the http: URL rather than ftp: in references to these
documents?  Seems friendlier.
I'm not sure what you mean.

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