PWG> Print Number minutes

PWG> Print Number minutes

PWG> Print Number minutes

Harry Lewis harryl at
Fri Jan 14 14:31:02 EST 2005

Su Ling... have you heard of "Internet Number" from Japan?

Here are some notes from the PWG meeting where the PWG discussed your 
material. While we can relate to your use cases and understand the 
benefits for devices with limited (numeric only) keypad, we were not 
exactly sure what you feel needs to be standardized in your scheme. We are 
guessing that you feel there is a need to standardize the protocol between 
the printer and the PNS, and, maybe, the means for a device to register 
with the PNS (for example). Is this correct?

Here are a list of questions that were asked during the discussion. You do 
not necessarily have to provide a specific answer to each question right 
now... this just gives you an idea of the level of understanding achieved 
at the introductory meeting. I urge you to consider joining the PWG or, at 
least, attend the April meeting in Tokyo if you want to help the PWG 
pursue this further. 

Also, it appears there may be other companies already pursuing this idea. 
If "Print Number" (or "Internet Number") is to become ubiquitous, there 
may be a real need for some standard interfaces in this space.

What is the namespace?  Is this a world-wide service?
What is the process for assigning numbers?
What is the lifetime of a PNS number? Scope? Duration? Are PNS numbers 
intended to be durable while URLs may change?
To be unique and durable, numbers will have to be very long. At some 
point, very long numbers are harder to recall and deal with than URLs. 
(e.g., IP numbers vs. DNS names)
International issues (numbers are inherently global, URLs are not). 
What is the protocol between the printer and PNS?
How do devices register with the PNS server?
Case 2 seems like ?follow-me printing? already done by (ex PrinterOn).
What are the security / authentication requirements? Public vs. private 
documents. (e.g., random print number entry)
The documents explain well the benefits.  What are the costs? (random 
"dialing", security, wrong number prints large document)
What do you already have working?
In particular environments, the idea might be useful.
?Print Number? (the company) should participate in the PWG to move the 
idea forward.
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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