PWG> SC - Should PWG consider hosting print info wiki?

PWG> SC - Should PWG consider hosting print info wiki?

PWG> SC - Should PWG consider hosting print info wiki?

Harry Lewis harryl at
Wed Nov 29 17:05:15 EST 2006

Sorry, I misinformed. The next SC call is Thursday Dec 7! (not tomorrow). 
Thanks, Bill, for pointing this out.
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
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11/29/2006 01:27 PM

Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS

Re: PWG> SC - Should PWG consider hosting print info wiki?

Is there an SC call tomorrow? The calendar shows the next call for next 
week (along with the next WIMS/CIM call.
Bill Wagner
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From: Harry Lewis <harryl at> 

Chris Lindemann put together his own wiki which appears to be looking for 
a home. There is debate over hosting at FSG. I browsed the material and it 
attempts to be fairly broad. I'm not sure about the licensing issues 
(below)... it mostly just looks like reference material to me. The thought 
occurred that the PWG may be a better org to host this. Opinions? (now 
and/or at tomorrow's SC meeting). 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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Christoph Lindemann <Christoph.Lindemann at> 
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Please respond to
Discussion for the driver API subgroup 
<printing-driver at>

Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at>, Hin-Tak Leung 
<hintak_leung at> 
Discussion for the driver API subgroup 
<printing-driver at> 
Re: [printing-driver] PDL Reference Manuals and documentation nee  ded

Please see my comments bellow

> I think, this is a good idea, as then all resources are at 
> one place and easy to find for everyone, also much easier to maintain.

I totally agree - that's why I started this

> Christoph, I will give you the full support to continue 
> hosting this information at FSG Open Printing.

-A problem with this might be, that I don't want this to get infected by
those "my favorite OS is better then your OS" argumentations/wars. I think
the focus should be on providing information to driver developers (free 
commercial), including all OS (free and commercial).

What would the FSG position on this be? Especially as this would also
include providing information and support for windows driver development. 
I understand, the FSG is focusing only on Linux. How "compatible" is the 
with other operating ! systems , including both free and commercial, like
Windows and BSD

-Another problem is that the FSG site uses a modified version of the GNU
FDL, which might not be compatible with the standard GNU FDL (all 
content uses the standard GNU FDL)

> Hin-Tak Leung wrote:
> > The web site "got into to my 
> radar" a 
> > while ago, when I got a e-mail asking about jetready documentation.
> > (the HP color laserjet 3500/3550/3660). I had a look around the web 
> > site, and while there seems to be a lot, it looks there is not much 
> > more than
> > 1 person there. (all the mailing lists are empty, etc).

Well the site is rather new, 1 year or something. And the printing 
is not very "informative" or cooperative (or at least not the commercial

> > 
> > While the effort is commendable, there is very little indication! of 
> > affiliation (who the site admin is, why is he doing it, what are the 
> > commercial or not so commercial interests, etc - and why a new site 
> > instead of getting the info onto or FSG printing, 
> > etc.). There are just too many unanswered questions.

To answer some of them:

-The site admin is me, Christoph Lindemann

-I am a software developer at Print Associates A/S

-The non-commercial part in it is, that I have got a lot of help from 
and open source projects, and lots of small articles and snippets. The 
is kind of my way to pay back to the community. And providing all the
information under the GNU FDL, helping future developers and ensuring the
free availability.

-The commercial part is of course that I hope others will contribute to 
wiki, and thereby also help me (and everybody else) to easily and quick 
information for my printing related p! rojects . (and of course, the $10 
by ads every month is also a commercial interest ;)

-The answer to "Why" is: I was tired of searching obscure old documents, 
sites, mailing lists and Usenet post, just to find some information. So I
decided to make me a "library" of the information I found. And the next
logical step was of course, why not make this public accessible, so others
also had access to this.

-The answer to "why a new site" is: I mainly work with printing under
Windows, and the first information where all windows related. And there 
no windows programming printing site, which also need my requirements of
publishing material under a "free" license. 
All the other stuff, like PDL and communication protocols came later. would not be the correct place, as this is focused on
Linux (the same as some would be just as wrong now)

> > The "collected by me and others" part -! the "o thers" part I am very 
> > unsure about.

-The others are the individuals which have provided information that is
included in the wiki. This can be from other "specific" documentation 
open source driver projects, Usenet, and stuff provided to me by email. 
It's not like I have reverse engineered everything in the wiki, a lot is
researched by other people, and I have merely collected and merged this
information into this wiki.

Kind regards,

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