PWG> Fwd: RFCs for MIB TCs for Uri and LangTag

PWG> Fwd: RFCs for MIB TCs for Uri and LangTag

PWG> Fwd: RFCs for MIB TCs for Uri and LangTag

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at
Tue Dec 18 12:49:03 EST 2007


The PWG should probably use these in any *new* URI or Natural Language
Tag string properties in PWG MIBs (see note below).

RFC 5017 defines "Uri" (unbounded US-ASCII string) and "Uri255" and
"Uri1024" (with max lengths) - looks quite good to me.

RFC5131 obsoletes the RFC 2932 "LanguageTag" and defines "LangTag"
(US-ASCII string of 0 or 2..63 octets), and was clearly influenced by PWG
Job Mon MIB (the first IETF standards-track language tag TC).

RFC4646 (current) and the RFC4646bis (mid-2008) actual language tags
fit comfortably in 63 octets.

Note - changing our existing PWG Counter MIB or Port Mon MIB would be a
breaking change, because they used UTF-8 SnmpAdminString (for future
support of native Unicode IRIs).

Jerry Thrasher - perhaps a brief Steering Committee topic in January?

- Ira

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From: David McWalter <DMcW at>
Date: Dec 17, 2007 9:38 AM
Subject: [Ltru] MIB textual conventions for Uri and LangTag
To: Randy Presuhn <randy_presuhn at>, LTRU Working Group
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Cc: Bill Fenner <fenner at>, dromasca at, Juergen
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Dear all,

For information, the Uri and LangTag MIB textual conventions have been
published.  Thanks again to all who helped and commented. (Uri, Uri255, Uri1024) (LangTag)

(The old 'LanguageTag' TC from RFC 2932 is marked as obsolete by
publication of RFC 5132).

David McWalter.
dmcw at

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