SM> Call for Semantic Model Chair and Editor

SM> Call for Semantic Model Chair and Editor

SM> Call for Semantic Model Chair and Editor

Harry Lewis harryl at
Tue Feb 8 16:18:45 EST 2005

The common Semantic Model is one of the most widely leveraged products of 
the PWG in that organizations ranging from Bluetooth to CIP4 have found 
value in referencing the model directly or deriving from it. A common 
Semantic Model across the industry makes life easier for all hardware, 
software and services vendors as they develop internal architectures and 

Here is a short list of activities the SM working group will be involved 
with in 2005/6 

DMTF mapping to CIM
Incorporation of WIMS counter semantics into spec and schema
Modeling physical subunits
Incorporating Printer MIB v2 semantics

The PWG Semantic Model working group is at a point where we need to 
transition the Chairman and Editor. The PWG needs volunteers from our 
members to serve in these positions. If you have a strong interest in 
assuring that the common Semantic Model is properly and adequately 
maintained, please indicate your desire to accept either Chairman or 
Editor role by sending e-mail to 
(Replacing "dot" with . and "at" with @): 


Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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