[SM3] Informal minutes of W3C Workshop conference call

[SM3] Informal minutes of W3C Workshop conference call

[SM3] Informal minutes of W3C Workshop conference call

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Thu Aug 15 19:02:13 UTC 2013


Here are my informal minutes of today's W3C Workshop conference call.  We will have another call next Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 2pm ET.

W3C Workshop Conference Call
August 15, 2013 at 2pm ET / 11am PT


Nancy Chen
Daniel Manchala (Xerox)
Glen Petrie (Epson)
Mike Sweet (Apple)
Paul Tykodi (TCS)
Bill Wagner (TIC)
Rick Yardumian (Canon)


	• Paul: No updates on W3C site yet
		• Don't know whether we will be presenting
		• Don't have access to other position papers
		• Paul got previous notification at 5pm ET
	• Mike probably won't be able to attend
		• Bill can and will make arrangements
	• Proposed presentation:
		• CSS properties corresponding to SM Job Ticket elements
			• Review old CSS Print stuff
			• copies, finishings, media, sides
			• Proposal: Extend CSS 2.1 Print to office and commercial printing
			• Also review CSS media queries
				• for printer capabilities (color mode, duplex, staple, media, etc.)
			• Q: Are we doing production printing or ???
				• A: Certainly light production, print-on-demand, book printing, etc.
			• Q: CSS3 Page Media Module: should we upsell this?
				• A: Yes, seems important for printing, also useful for screen content with headers and footers (very common on web sites today using "position: fixed" content.)
				• Intertwined with job ticket - media and sides, staple? might be used in media queries to control paper margins, front side/back side, etc.
			• Alternative CSS
				• Single CSS property listing job tickets
					• PWG PJT a required/recommended format?
					• JDF optional
				• Maybe still have a few properties to describe the important aspects of the job ticket (media, sides, finishings, copies)
			• Show implementations of CSS Print
				• What is implemented by the major browsers
				• What third-party software is available?
			• Show PWG PJT coverage vs. CSS
				• Add slide showing level of effort required to update CSS 2.1 Print
				• Most browsers support CSS Print properties/media queries
					• THEAD, position: fixed content support lagging
				• Adding CSS properties should not be a big effort, much harder to get rendering changes done
		• Job Ticket Mapping experience
			• PPD, MSPS, JDF, AFP, etc.
			• Why you need standard job tickets/elements
		• Print Experience/DOM
			• Selecting a printer
			• Getting printer capabilities
			• Standard UI capabilities?
				• to specify job ticket elements?
				• but that has been a circular argument for many years?
					• maybe because they are not printing-literate?
					• based on the list of CSS properties we come up with?
			• Also restrictions? Maybe mention but we have no solutions...
				• no print (publications)
				• no save
				• only 1 copy (coupons, shipping labels)
				• always N copies
		• Presentation length:
			• Presumably short
		• Next steps:
			• Wait for word from W3C
			• Also review existing position papers
			• If we present, include backup slides for specific details
			• If we don't present, still do a slide deck we can refer to...
Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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