[SM3] IEEE-ISTO/PWG-SM WG Meeting Minutes.

[SM3] IEEE-ISTO/PWG-SM WG Meeting Minutes.

[SM3] IEEE-ISTO/PWG-SM WG Meeting Minutes.

Manchala, Daniel Daniel.Manchala at xerox.com
Tue Aug 27 01:40:37 UTC 2013

IEEE-ISTO/PWG-SM WG Meeting. 11:00 - 12:10 PM PT, (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET), 26 August, 2013


Bill Wagner (TIC)
Paul Tykodi (TCS)
Rick Yardumian (Canon)
Ira McDonald (High North)
Daniel Manchala (Xerox)


W3C paper: We won't be presenting a paper at the W3C conference in Paris. We will have someone be present at the panel discussion at the conference.

Looked at the SM3 charter. Confirmed that the operations identified by the Cloud WG be included into SM3 specs. Paul to post the updated version of the charter on the SM3 webpage. The main services to concentrate on are the Print, Scan, Copy, FaxOut, FaxIn followed by Transform and Resource. Continue with mapping to PWGPJT as the top priority item. SM3 adds attributes defined in IPP JPS-3 and IPP Everywhere. EmailIn/EmailOut  - work on these sections has been suspended due to security concerns at the Printer Device / Sevice as well as the low desire to work on such Services.

A key thing to add to the website would be the group of companies that say they are using the standards.

Question to the PWG SC: There currently is no representation from the medical imaging community. Is there a desire to make overtures to companies  involved in medical imaging? Obtaining feedback by probing them will give us some idea (just like the 3D printing case).

Question to the PWG SC: Is there any liaisonship between PWG and W3C. It seems that the W3C folks (CSS community) are more interested in rendering on the browser as opposed to rendering on the Printer. It is probably better to get involved at a higher level (that comprises CSS, HTML and other W3C activities)

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