[SM3] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (4 June 2014)

[SM3] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (4 June 2014)

[SM3] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (4 June 2014)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 18:41:17 UTC 2014


Rick Yardumian updated the mapping in the JDFMAP spec per Rainer
Prosi's PDF notes and PWG F2F review in May - thanks Rick!

I have just posted a new draft of JDFMAP:

  - PDF of revisions with line numbers

  - MS Word source of revisions with line numbers

Rainer - *please* do any updates with "Track Changes" enabled
*the MS Word source* (with a changed date suffix in filename), both
new revisions and new comments, and send to Rick & Ira - thank you!

Mike - I added all the finishing types with member attributes, so that
they can be mapped from JDF attributes - we should decide on the
XxxColor proposed member attributes for Coating and Laminating
in the PWG Finishings 2.0 spec.

This document is for review in regular/special SM WG telecons.

- Ira

Change History

4 June 2014 – JDF update by Rick Yardumian and Rainer Prosi

* June 2014 – fourth draft in SM WG
- Kept status as Interim draft
- Added all of Rainer Prosi’s PDF notes on 13 May 2014 as
comments in this draft – Rick
- Added all new mappings from PWG F2F on 14 May 2014 – Rick
- Added all finishing types and member attributes from PWG
Finishings 2.0 – Ira
- Added ISSUE about XxxSupplied elements (which should NOT
be in a Job Ticket, but only in a Job Receipt) before Table 1 and
highlighted all affected PWG elements – Ira
- Added Rick Yardumian as co-author and Rainer Prosi as major
contributor – Ira

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