[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: ClientRole

[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: ClientRole

[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: ClientRole

Norbert Schade Norbert.Schade at conexant.com
Fri Jun 27 18:34:49 UTC 2014

The Security schema is simply the only file in that 2.901 zip that shows a ClientRole object resp. a type corresponding to it.
That explains the error.

Is there another schema somewhere else that has that type definition and probably was forgotten at some point?

Or has the ClientRole object become redundant by now?


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I've downloaded PWG_SM_3.0_v2.901.zip and opened all schema files (xsd) in my XMLSpy, but not the WSDL files (I'm not an expert on that).

My current results with my XMLSpy:

-          ServiceOperations
that schema is not valid by itself.
therefore any schema that uses objects out of ServiceOperations.xsd crashes as well. Candidates for that are PWGSystemControlOpMsg.xsd, PWGSemanticModel.xsd and Serices.xsd.
it looks as if GetSecurityAttributesRequest and GetSecurityAttributesResponse are the critical objects in all cases.

-          xmldsig_core_schema
the schema is valid by itself.
however when used by ServicesOperations.xsd, the element 'Signature' of type 'ds:SifnatureType' causes trouble.

-          Security
that schema is not valid by itself.
element ClientRole of type ClientRoleWKV seems to be the problem.

No idea about the issues yet.
If somebody can make a useful comment before I run off into some unknown jungle, this is a good time to say it.
I'll look around a bit now.

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