[SM3] New SM3 Draft Charter Uploaded to PWG FTP Site

[SM3] New SM3 Draft Charter Uploaded to PWG FTP Site

[SM3] New SM3 Draft Charter Uploaded to PWG FTP Site

Paul Tykodi ptykodi at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 24 01:56:19 UTC 2015

Per an action item from the last F2F, a new SM3 draft charter has been uploaded to the PWG FTP site.

The only two active projects listed in the new draft charter are JDFMAP (currently in prototype draft stage) and the ongoing maintenance of the Schema and WSDL representations of the semantic model.
All other projects have been moved to the potential category and all require white papers to move forward.
We have an editor (Paul Tykodi) for three specific white papers should the SM work group decide to move forward with any of the following projects:
1. Extend W3C CSS Print Definition Capabilities - Any potential PWG white paper would expand upon thepresentation made by Bill Wagner at the W3C sponsored workshop back inSeptember of 2013:


The W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group has just published an initial draft of their wish list for CSSenhancements:http://www.w3.org/blog/news/archives/4938


I believe the question for the PWG membership to considerat this time is whether the publication of this DPUB IG document offers the PWGan opportunity to put forward a proposal regarding potential CSS printingenhancements.
2. Mapping AFP Consortium MO:DCA and IPDS Formats toPWG Print Job Ticket v1.0 (AFPMAP)

- I have been contacted by one AFP Consortium member company telling me that they are investigating supporting IPP printers. This initial work could potentially lead to a request to develop a mapping white paper in the future.
3. Mapping Microsoft Print Schema to PWG Print JobTicket v1.0 (MSPSMAP) - From the PWG Web Site BOF Entry "August 11, 2015: During the 3D Printing BOF we decided to reach out to printer manufacturers and solutions providers and start bi-weekly conference calls to continue the development of the white paper. We also decided to reach out to the 3MF Consortium to discuss using the PWG Print Job Ticket in 3MF containers. Discussion will continue on the PWG 3d-printing mailing list and at agreed upon conference calls leading up to the November 2015 F2F meeting."
We have initiated some dialog with Microsoft about how the MSPS print ticket is used with the 3MF file format. It is possible that a 3D related MSPS - PWG PJT mapping might potentially seem useful in the future.
It is expected that discussion of the draft charter will occur at the SM3 teleconference scheduled for Monday August 24th.
Best Regards,
/Paul--Paul Tykodi Principal Consultant 
TCS - Tykodi Consulting Services LLC Tel/Fax: 603-343-1820 Mobile: 603-866-0712 E-mail: ptykodi at yahoo.com WWW: http://www.tykodi.com

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