[SM3] SM3 meeting today.

[SM3] SM3 meeting today.

[SM3] SM3 meeting today.

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon May 18 19:26:52 UTC 2015

Hi Daniel,

I understand that Ira was being helpful, and I appreciate that fact that he is very busy and spent a hour of his time outlining the way he would do the Document and Jobs specification. However, this was after I had said I would take a crack at it and after I had made the point that whoever is writing it should have free reign to assembly a first draft, then taking comments to edit as necessary. 

Ira comes with an intimate knowledge of IPP, and I suggest that  his approach reflects this and assumes that the reader has a similar awareness. It is apparent to me that my approach would not be the same as his. I do not want to repeat the situation with my previous first cut at an SM3 specification, which was summarily rejected (if it was even looked at).  Therefore, I withdraw my offer to create any drafts as it would obviously be a waste of time for me and whoever would review them.

As I have observed, we have had many suggestions on how to write these specifications, all made in good faith (although not all consistent.) Unfortunately, these suggestions come from IPP  WG members who are already overcommitted and who will not be doing the writing…indeed it is unclear who will be. Ira repeatedly observes that IPP is the only binding for the model. It is unclear that there is any purpose to the general model, especially if that model is to be locked to IPP. 

Ira also pointed out that 3D printing will be an IPP project since IPP really has the only really active workgroup. Indeed, he is right.  Cloud (which struggled along) is now dead; IDS has done very little recently and with Joe leaving, is probably also catatonic. SM3 cannot seem to get started.  I suggest that think we consider whether it is worth having an SM workgroup or whether it would be better that all PWG activity be centered with IPP.

You might think about it. By the PWG process, workgroups can be “terminated by the Working Group Chair with the agreement of the Steering Committee”. 


Bill Wagner

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