[SM3] No Oct 12 SM Conference Call

[SM3] No Oct 12 SM Conference Call

[SM3] No Oct 12 SM Conference Call

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Oct 7 16:54:03 UTC 2015

The next SM conference call was nominally scheduled for October 12. This date is:

	Columbus Day.  A US federal holiday, observed in some states;
	Native Americans' Day/Indigenous People's Day, in some other states; and 
	Thanksgiving Day in Canada

In addition, Daniel will not be available.  Therefore, there will be no SM conference call on Oct 12.

The next SM conference call is scheduled for October 26, which will be used to prepare for the November 3 virtual face-to-face (VF2F) meeting.  Prospective agenda for that call is:
• Update on the Charter vote (voting  nominally ends Oct 16)
• Approach to incorporating Cloud operations and elements into schema  (and general question of current state of schema)
• November 3 virtual F2f 
• Discussion of impact to the semantic model of the 3D efforts just beginning in PWG

Thank You,  
Proposed SM Secretary, Bill Wagner

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