[SM3] No SM Call Today

[SM3] No SM Call Today

[SM3] No SM Call Today

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Jan 12 21:19:12 UTC 2017

Sorry about the error in the minutes.
I have been working on the SM2 update. My previous approach was not working too well. Even if an IPP attribute name appears to correlate to one in the model, it is not always clear where it is or if the two mean the same. So I tried a different approach, starting with a new download of the IANA list. I sought to correlate attributes in references with Post 2012 dates to elements in the latest schema, as displayed with the oXygen xml editor.  Its not fully completed yet, but there are a lot of elements to consider. Current work in progress is downloaded to ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/sm3/white/IANA 29Dec 2016.xslx. Active work is on the ‘post 2012’ sheet, the assumption being that attributes in IANA references dated before Dec 2012 are alreadyproperly reflected in the model.
The post 2012 sheet is ordered by IANA ‘Collection’, then my name etc., the intention being that the  main heading (Document Description, Document Status, etc) would have some correlation to Model major complex elements. This held in a few places, but there are many exceptions.
 ‘The ‘action’ column is labeled ‘OK?’, with ‘yes’ suggesting that the element currently exists, ‘No’, that it does not exist, and ‘?’ indicating that I cannot tell if it exists or that I am unsure that we want to include it in the model. A gray fill ties collection members together, with the decision to be made on the collection element itself.  The  ‘Model orientation’  column is intended to help in finding where the element is or might be if we add it.
Anyway, I would like to spend some time on this during the call next Wednesday, to see if it can work and to get some more opinions. There are some elements that we have previously concluded are properly reflected in the model, but I don’t seem to find them where I would expect.
Also, I have looked up some of the IANA listed references, but have not found any enlightenment on the specifics of an attribute. Perhaps someone can help me there before I query IPP.
Hopefully, we will have some participation next Wednesday.
Thanks. Bill Wagner

From: Reitz, Jeremy L
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It looks like the IPP Call is today so the Next SM Call, which was called out in the minutes from the last meeting as being today, will be resumed next week per schedule.

Jeremy Reitz

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