WBMM> Management Commands

WBMM> Management Commands

WBMM> Management Commands

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Mon Jan 27 14:46:26 EST 2003

SNMP has GET, SET, GETBULK etc. What types of commands would we like to 
see in WBMM (what does WBMM stand for, anyway!?... perhaps separate 
discussion... aren't we forgetting the U word... "Universal Deice and 
Services Management")

Back to the topic...

I'm thinking we will want to improve on the interfaces and commands based 
on what we have learned over the years implementing the Printer MIB. 
Please share your thoughts. Here are some of mine. We need...

1. A way to query what attributes are settable and which are not (we 
learned, with SNMP, that "MaxAccess" isn't always that helpful).
2. A way to query attribute (elements?) either singularly (tell me size of 
media in "main" tray), in bulk (give me the "input group"), or filtered 
(tell me the name of each tray; tell me all trays which are loaded with 
3. If we end up with mandatory and optional commands or interfaces, a way 
to query which are supported in a particular implementation (describe via 

Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 
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