WBMM> RE: Scope and Starting Point

WBMM> RE: Scope and Starting Point

WBMM> RE: Scope and Starting Point

MARKLE,CATHY (HP-Boise,ex1) cathy_markle at hp.com
Tue Mar 4 12:27:26 EST 2003


You are correct that WebJetadmin currently uses SNMP but there is nothing
stopping the use of another protocol.  Also, WebJetadmin does provide a HTTP
server to provide information to a user, but if you think of WJA as a
service, anybody can use the information collected in any manner required.
A great internal scenario as well as external scenario would be to be able
to use WebJetadmin to manage devices.  WJA is a tool that can definitely be
used to go through a firewall to manage and monitor devices on a remote
network.  This is where I can see one of the benefits of replacing the MIB
with XML.


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Ira wrote:

"..I think that Bob Taylor articulated the "internal" scenario - plugging
into the existing systems management platforms, like Web Jet Admin,
OpenView, Tivoli, etc."

I am afraid that, at least I, would need a bit more information than this on
how the internal scenario would play out.  From my undoubtedly inadequate
understanding, Web Jet Admin is an application that uses SNMP ( and perhaps
other methods) to poll printers, and in turn provides a HTTP server to allow
users to access that data so obtained. OpenView is an SNMP-based management

Could Bob (or someone else) indicate what they expect of the WBMM in terms
of providing a "plug-in" for the popular management apps? And the
replacement of SNMP is necessary? Would this "plug-in" be, in fact, an HTTP
server to receive reports from registered printers? Or is it just a common
semantic for communicating with the printer? Or...??


Bill Wagner 

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