WBMM> Minutes from March 4 conf call

WBMM> Minutes from March 4 conf call

WBMM> Minutes from March 4 conf call

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Tue Mar 4 17:28:06 EST 2003

I'm probably the worst "minute" taker but here is what I caught from the 
conference call. Thanks to all the participants for your interest in 
helping work out the initial direction, goals, requirements etc.

Who was there?
Harry Lewis
Cathy Markle
Ira McDonald
Gail Songer
Bob Taylor
Ted Tronson
Bill Wagner

 1. WBMM Objective
 2. Necessity of new management Model to replace MIBS
 3. Management Interface Client/Monitor Server Architecture using HTTP 
over port 80
 4. Need for alignment with other similar or related activities.

WBMM Objective
Question - Extra vs Intra net operation?

Agreement - Yes, both are valid goals. Prefer not to have distinct 
protocols, operations etc. for outside vs inside the firewall

Non-MIB information Model
Question - Why (Why not) create new MIBs?

"For" MIB - Strong datatyping, legacy, familiarity

"Against" MIB - PSI experience handling datatyping (just don't redefine 
NMTOKEN, INTEGER etc.), Want to manage the enterprise (SNMP, NPAP, CIM 
etc.), New and different things to manage (ex. services).

Agreement - Will need to map Printer MIB (Fin MIB etc) to whatever model 
WBMM ends up with, Separate protocol and operational binding from data 

Open - Still not closed on this topic

HTTP over port 80
Question - IANA port for WBMM

Agreement - yes... but consider other bindings (SMTP etc) also

Question - What activities to align with

Agreement - look at RFCs (Ira's note), Look at IPP requirements for 
administrative operations, Look at CIM (who are migrating to SOAP/WSDL)

Other Discussion
Question - How does (outside) management application initiate a management 
session (ex. e-mail SOAP message requesting device to contact manager). 

WBMM process
Sequence of activities
Question - Should we first concentrate on mapping the Printer MIB to XML 
(directly) as opposed to starting to define a new model?
Agreement - We should break down our tasks prior to sequencing them.

March 18 4pm-5pm EST.

Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 
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