WBMM> RE: 4 June minutes

WBMM> RE: 4 June minutes

WBMM> RE: 4 June minutes

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Tue Jun 10 18:20:40 EDT 2003

Hi Bill,

In re minutes, I agree with you that a different operation should
be used or at least a different Subscription attribute (like
a 'notify-reports' one, rather than 'notify-events') for periodic

I'd prefer to extend CreateSubscription operation (which _does_
by the way have explicity attributes for moderation control,
i.e., buffering of frequent events), rather than introducing
a new operation.

- Ira 

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	Minutes for the 4 June conference call are posted at:

	Next WBMM meeting is at Portland, but do not hesitate to comment on
the mailing list about the items in the minutes, or to submitted non-print
uses cases.

> Have fun!
> Bill Wagner

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