WBMM> Strawman for Usage Counters

WBMM> Strawman for Usage Counters

WBMM> Strawman for Usage Counters

Wagner,William WWagner at NetSilicon.com
Tue Dec 16 11:24:24 EST 2003


I have also seen total impressions by media size as parameters. Is "Large" impressions addressing that sort of thing, and if so, why not great it into media size (one answer... too many size options).

Bill Wagner

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From: McDonald, Ira [mailto:imcdonald at sharplabs.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 11:07 AM
To: 'Zehler, Peter'; 'wbmm at pwg.org'
Subject: RE: WBMM> Strawman for Usage Counters

Hi Pete,

This is a good list of counters.  

(Context - These counters use names like 'TotalImpressions', 
'ColorImpressions', 'HighlightColorImpressions', to separate
different costs of processing and printing.
These counters also use names like 'PrintedImpressions', 
'FaxedImpressions', 'ColorFaxedImpressions', etc., to identify 
the Service/Device type that generated the impressions.)

Three comments on your counter names:

(1) Job MIB (RFC 2707) defines 'fullColorImpressionsCompleted' 
    and 'highlightColorImpressionsCompleted'.
    I _guess_ you mean 'full color' by 'ColorImpressions'.

    I suggest using the unambiguous 'fullColor', as in 
    'FullColorImpressions', consistent with the Job MIB.

(2) I don't like the usage of 'Printed' rather than 'Printer'
    (past tense rather than noun) or the fact that it's an
    _infix_, as in 'ColorFaxedImpressions'.

    I suggest instead using a prefix of 'Printer', 'Scanner', 
    etc., as in 'ScannerColorImpressions'.  

    (note - do scanners generate 'impressions'???)

(3) At the beginning of your list are some apparently 
    _system-wide_ counters?

    Keeping 'TotalImpressions', I suggest renaming the following 
    _system-wide_ counters  to be 'TotalBlackImpressions', 
    'TotalFullColorImpressions', 'TotalHighlightColorImpressions'.
    (note - what object contains these system-wide counters?
    Helper object 'Server' in PWG Semantic Model?)

    I suggest that WBMM (which must name client, server, and
    peer systems) use the term 'Node' as being service/device
    neutral and consistent with network architectures.  And
    define 'Node' as a synonym for 'Network Node'.

- Ira

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From: Zehler, Peter [mailto:PZehler at crt.xerox.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 7:29 AM
To: 'wbmm at pwg.org'
Subject: WBMM> Strawman for Usage Counters

Here is a boiled down list of the usage counters that would be useful for
fleet management.  I have not gone through and added the references to the
counters that already exist someplace.  I thought I'd wait until we had a
chance to discuss and adjust this proposed list.  The table is available at
Peter Zehler
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