WBMM> Posted Counter MIB v0.20 (5 April 2004)

WBMM> Posted Counter MIB v0.20 (5 April 2004)

WBMM> Posted Counter MIB v0.20 (5 April 2004)

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Mon Apr 5 18:08:03 EDT 2004

Hi folks,                                          Monday (5 April 2004)

I have just posted a revised PWG Imaging Counter MIB v0.20, based on
comments in our recent WBMM telecons and discussions with Harry Lewis.
This MIB compiles without warnings in SMICng and Epilogue compilers and
is posted at:


The PWG Imaging Counter MIB (see change log below) defines:

- 1127 lines of ASN.1 source and comments
- 3 textual conventions
- 7 index objects
- 40 columnar objects
- 7 tables
  - 3 mandatory tables (Basic, Time, Traffic)
  - 3 conditionally mandatory tables (Image, Impression, Sheet)
  - 1 optional table (Media)
- UNITS clauses for all columnar counter objects
- REFERENCE clauses for all columnar objects

Action - Ira - propose some Finishing counter additions


- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
PO Box 221  Grand Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at sharplabs.com

[Change Log from the MODULE-IDENTITY clause of the MIB]

    REVISION        "0403310000Z" -- 5 April 2004
    DESCRIPTION     "First revision of the Imaging Counter MIB.
                    - decomposed former 'icTable' into six tables
                      (3 mandatory and 3 conditionally mandatory).
                    - added 'IcElementPersistenceTC' to extend original
                      'StorageType' from RFC 2579 like Resource object.
                    - added 'icBasic[Aborted|Canceled|Completed]Jobs'
                      and 'icBasicFinishedJobs', to complement Job Mon
                      MIB (RFC 2707), per WBMM discussions.
                    - added 'icMediaTable' (optional) for media actually
                      consumed, per WBMM discussions."


IcBasicEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        --  basic counter key element
        icBasicIndex                    Integer32,

        --  basic counter elements
        icBasicElementPersistence       IcElementPersistenceTC,
        icBasicElementClass             IcElementClassTC,
        icBasicElementFunction          IcElementFunctionTC,
        icBasicElementInfo              SnmpAdminString,
        icBasicConfigChanges            Counter32,
        icBasicTotalAlerts              Counter32,
        icBasicCriticalAlerts           Counter32,
        icBasicAbortedJobs              Counter32,
        icBasicCanceledJobs             Counter32,
        icBasicCompletedJobs            Counter32,
        icBasicFinishedJobs             Counter32

IcTimeEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        --  time counter key element
        icTimeIndex                     Integer32,

        --  time counter elements
        icTimeTotalSeconds              Counter32,
        icTimeDownSeconds               Counter32,
        icTimeMaintenanceSeconds        Counter32,
        icTimeProcessingSeconds         Counter32

IcTrafficEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        --  traffic counter key element
        icTrafficIndex                  Integer32,

        --  traffic counter elements
        icTrafficLocalStorageThresholds Counter32,
        icTrafficLocalStorageKOctets    Counter32,
        icTrafficRemoteStorageKOctets   Counter32,
        icTrafficChannelDataKOctets     Counter32

IcImageEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        --  image counter key element
        icImageIndex                    Integer32,

        --  image counter elements
        icImageTotalImages            Counter32,
        icImageBlackImages            Counter32,
        icImageFullColorImages        Counter32

IcImpressionEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        --  impression counter key element
        icImpIndex               Integer32,

        --  impression counter elements
        icImpTotalImpressions           Counter32,
        icImpBlackImpressions           Counter32,
        icImpBlankImpressions           Counter32,
        icImpFullColorImpressions       Counter32,
        icImpHighlightColorImpressions  Counter32

IcSheetEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        --  sheet counter key element
        icSheetIndex                    Integer32,

        --  sheet counter elements
        icSheetTotalSheets              Counter32,
        icSheetBlackSheets              Counter32,
        icSheetBlankSheets              Counter32,
        icSheetFullColorSheets          Counter32,
        icSheetHighlightColorSheets     Counter32

IcMediaEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        --  media counter key element
        icMediaIndex                    Integer32,

        --  media counter elements
        icMediaTotalSheets              Counter32,
        icMediaBlackSheets              Counter32,
        icMediaBlankSheets              Counter32,
        icMediaFullColorSheets          Counter32,
        icMediaHighlightColorSheets     Counter32,

        --  media description elements
        icMediaName                     SnmpAdminString,
        icMediaSizeName                 SnmpAdminString,
        icMediaInfo                     SnmpAdminString


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