WBMM> PWG Last Call - Charter of WIMS working Group

WBMM> PWG Last Call - Charter of WIMS working Group

WBMM> PWG Last Call - Charter of WIMS working Group

Wagner,William WWagner at NetSilicon.com
Fri May 7 15:41:22 EDT 2004


At the last face  to  face  meetings  in  April,  it was decided  to  modify the scope  of the WBMM  charter to  better reflect what the group has been  doing, and to change the name  of the group  to  Web-based  Imaging Management  System (WIMS) to avoid  possible confusion  of WBMM   with WBEM,  a separate group with an overlapping interest area.  A revised  charter  draft  has   been  generated and, following the  current  PWG process document, is  hereby put  up  for  PWG  last call  in  accord   with the formal approval procedures. This last call is to end at the PWG Plenary meeting  in Vancouver.

The draft charter  is  at:


It reflects  both  an increase  in scope  to include  interest in all imaging equipment   management aspects, and  a  decrease  in specificity. Objective dates   have been readjusted,  although the  date of  first draft  of  the specification  ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wbmm/wd/wd-wbmm01-20031121.pdf,   is  referenced.

Please  direct questions  and  comments on the draft   to the  WBMM   list, wbmm at pwg.org.  Please  do  NOT send  comments  on the   pwg-announce list. A  new mailing list will be  made up when the charter is approved; until then,   we will use the WBMM  list.

Many  thanks.

Bill Wagner

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