WIMS> WIMS conference call this Wed 28 July

WIMS> WIMS conference call this Wed 28 July

WIMS> WIMS conference call this Wed 28 July

Zehler, Peter PZehler at crt.xerox.com
Tue Jul 27 09:04:13 EDT 2004

I am in the process of converting the counter table into the CS format.  I
will post it as soon as possible.  It will be in pretty rough shape
initially.  I've been out on vacation and I am still playing catch up.  I
have a meeting that ends at Noon and may be a bit late.

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Ira et al,

Good to see that the WIMS mail list is up, and that WBMM subscribers have
been shifted over.

As previously indicated, we do have a WIMS call planned for 12 noon EDT 28
July. I did add Ira's June changes to the spec after the last conference
call, and had a few questions as well. I sent it to Ira for review and Harry
to see if it would help his implementers. Ira has submitted some Schedule
schema changes, and as he suggests, it would be beneficial to discuss these
and the impact on the spec. We do want to get a good copy of the spec out
within a week in preparation for the August face-to-face.  We also need to
proceed with Pete's further discussion on Counters.
I don't see that Harry had a chance to get out the minutes from the last

Call specifics are:

Date:	28 July

Time: Noon Eastern Daylight Time (9am Pacific)

Call-in US Toll-free: 1-877-874-5524

Call-in International/Toll: 1-712-455-8420
Participant Identification number: 497478

There will be a WIMS conference call again next Wednesday, 4 August, at the
usual 12 PM time.

Bill Wagner


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