WIMS> WIMS conference call this Wed 4 August

WIMS> WIMS conference call this Wed 4 August

WIMS> WIMS conference call this Wed 4 August

Wagner,William WWagner at NetSilicon.com
Tue Aug 3 17:09:25 EDT 2004


We have a WIMS call planned for 12 noon EDT 4 August. Although I had planned to have an update to the spec distributed, there have been several questions that I have had and some that Harry has had relative to the prototyping effort. 

So the Agenda will include:

1. Clarification of terms:
 I had understood that TargetObject was added to distinguish between the agent and the managed entity. That is, the Source URI and the Target URI terms referred to the Manager and the Agent (as their roles switch), but not necessarily to the managed entities. Indeed, I wonder why TargetURIs is plural.
2. Prototyping questions:
	a. Addressing of Printer Status
	b. How do we indicate which ReportElementAny corresponds to which ActionTargetURI? (where actionTarget refers to the managed entity)
	c. Adding a severity element to the alerts schema 
	d. any others? 
3. Pete's Counters Spec - Pre Montreal Discussion
		Comments in any form.  
		Belongs to WIMS or Semantic Model.  
		Any more issues? (Highlighted issues to be discussed in Montreal)   

	The working draft is available at:

		ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wims/wd/wd-smcntrext10-20040803.pdf  (and .doc)

	The schema is available at:



Call specifics are:

Date:	4 August

Time: Noon Eastern Daylight Time (9am Pacific)

Call-in US Toll-free: 1-877-874-5524

Call-in International/Toll: 1-712-455-8420
Participant Identification number: 497478

There will be a WIMS conference call again next week in Tuesday, 10 August, at the usual 12 PM time.

Bill Wagner


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