WIMS> SendReport - multiple legacy devices

WIMS> SendReport - multiple legacy devices

WIMS> SendReport - multiple legacy devices

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Wed Aug 11 14:26:26 EDT 2004

Question related to constructing SendReport for more than one legacy 
device by the WIMS proxy...
Using Ira's Schedule example, below...

To find out the status of a print device with a legacy
SNMP manager using a WIMS Proxy, specify in a Schedule
a GetElements action as follows:

ActionTargetURIs = "snmp://example.com"

ActionTargetObjects = (sequence of)

  ActionManagedEntityType = "Device"
    (generic Device object planned for WIMS)
  ActionManagedEntityURI = "*" 
    (wildcard for any device at target agent)

ActionRequestedElements = (sequence of)

  ActionRequestedElement = "pwg-sm:PrtViewDeviceStatus"
    (includes every interesting HR MIB state attribute)

  ActionRequestedElement = "pwg-sm:PrtViewGeneralStatus"
    (interesting state attributes from PrtGeneralTable)

ActionParameters (omitted, no vendor extensions needed)

1. Assume ActionTargetUIRs is a LIST? 
    ActionTargetURIs = "snmp://example1.com"; "snmp://example2.com"; 

2. Then, in the SendReport... how is the status (what we are monitoring in 
this example) of device "example1" distinguished from the status of device 
"example2 or 3"?
    Is it simple by the ReportSourceURI (multiple - 3 in this case) 
reports are returned in the SendReport... each with a different source URI 
    or is the ReportSequenceNumber supposed to correlate, somehow to the 
Schedule in helping correlate values to a particular TargetURI (monitored 

An example of very basic Schedule and SendReport for WIMS Proxy monitoring 
3 devices for one or two elements would be very useful!
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 
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