WIMS> RE: WIMS - containment vs metadata ID REF

WIMS> RE: WIMS - containment vs metadata ID REF

WIMS> RE: WIMS - containment vs metadata ID REF

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Wed Nov 9 10:23:59 EST 2005

Hi Harry,
I'm a little fuzzy here too.  Let me say that Pete Zehler and I have
repeatedly researched
the XML keyref and idref elements and they just weren't intended for
declaring key element
relationships (they presume that XML _attributes_ and not _elements_ are
being referenced).
However, Pete and I also agreed on WIMS telecons long ago that using
containment was
a bad (fragile) idea.  Therefore, all of the WIMS top level objects (Agent,
System, Service,
etc.) have elements that _reference_ related or subordinate objects (Jobs,
Resources, etc.),
using the XxxReference datatypes (which support URI, name, or local integer
ID references),
rather than actually _containing_ the subordinate objects (like IPP unwisely
In particular the WIMS protocol operations now do NOT require absolute URIs
as Agent
references, per Bill Wagner's good comment some time back that absolute URIs
the customer's network topology.
- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
PO Box 221  Grand Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at sharplabs.com 

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My Chicago notes are cryptic about 
"containment vs metadata IDRef. Further investigation needed. Ira prefers
containment. Doesn't see how IDRef can be used in the Printing classes". 
Is this a last call comment (that's not how I recorded it). Is this a WIMS
protocol comment? 
Trying to get this into the minutes in a meaningful fashion. 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

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