WIMS> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Last Call - WIMS Protocol

WIMS> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Last Call - WIMS Protocol

WIMS> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Last Call - WIMS Protocol

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Dec 21 21:23:23 EST 2005

Sorry, my error. The Last Call for the WIMS schema should have been announced in conjunction with Monday's  last call on the WIMS protocol spec.
In accord with the PWG process document, ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/general/pwg-process20.pdf, the  the W3C schema and sample WSDL associated with the "Web-based Imaging Management Service V1.0 Abstract Protocol" specification  have completed WIMS working group last call and are now being presented for  PWG -wide last call. The period for the  PWG last call on these documents  is now open with the intention of concluding this at the January face-to-face. 
The documents are  posted at: 
        - Schedule v0.94

        - WIMS Message v0.20

        - WIMS Type v0.40

      - ZIP of eight WIMS schema, WSDL/2.0 for WIMS, and release notes

Please send any comments to the wims at pwg.org list. Please do not respond to the PWG-ANNOUNCE list. 
Many thanks, and Happy Holidays!

Bill Wagner, Chairman WIMS Working Group 
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